‘We are Nasense Labs, a progressive organization engaged in integrated manufacture of Fine Chemicals and Specialty Molecules.’


Our core products are a set of high-precision metal-based Tools for Organic Synthesis, used in a variety of chemical processes across multiple industry sectors. We are highly competent in the manufacture of a wide range of Sodium, Lithium, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc Derivatives.

We also specialize in the development and manufacture of Pyridine Derivatives, and can provide contract-research & custom-manufacturing services for the production of Novel Pyridine Derivatives.

Our Engineering and Process Design Competences enable us to deliver high quality in a reduced effluent-load system. We specialize in maximal-conversion reactions, and are dedicated to the development of clean, flexible and quality-specific production systems.


  • Our Founder and Chairman, Mr. GRK Raju, is a Chemical Engineer from Osmania University. He is a Post Graduate Scholar in Safety Engineering and Management, with over 40 years’ experience in the Chemical and Bulk Drug Industry.
  • Our Managing Director, Mr. Goutam Gottumukkala, is a Post Graduate Scholar in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • Our Advisor for Research and Process Development, Mr. YP Rao, is a renowned specialist in Process Design and Optimization. Over the past 35 years, he has been a key contributor to the process engineering developments undertaken by companies like Lupin, Cipla, Siri’s, Plant Organics, Kopalle and Dr. Reddy’s.
  • Our Advisor for Process Engineering, Mr. Kuppuswamy, is a specialist in Equipment & Infrastructural Design. He is a Post Graduate Scholar in Engineering Systems from IIT Chennai.


2002 to 2006
  • Incorporation as USP Organics Private Limited
  • Trading Activity in Fine Chemicals, Specialty Molecules & Pharmaceutical Ingredients
2007 to 2009
  • Construction of Manufacturing Facility
  • Completion of Associated Legal Formalities
  • R&D on Sodium and Selenium Lines
Recent Developments
  • Commercial Production of Sodium Line
  • Name Change to Nasense Labs Private Limited
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Process and Equipment Optimization for the Manufacture of Pyridine Line
  • Commercial Production of Pyridine Line
Future Plans
  • Setting up a Hydrogen Plant for Captive Consumption
  • Development of a Dedicated Manufacturing Block for Custom Synthesis


Key Strengths
  • In-house Design and Fabrication of Specialized Equipment
  • Forward and Backward Integration of Process and Product Lines
  • Complex Technology, Application and Process Capabilities
  • Stable Packaging Modes for Hassle-free Transport
Process Capabilities
  • Pyridine Chemistry
  • Sodamide Chemistry
  • Acylation | Allylation | Amoxidation | Sulfonation
  • Acid Chlorination | UV Photochlorination
  • High Melting Point Distillation
  • Short Path Distillation
  • High-Temperature/High-Vacuum Distillation (300°C)
  • Varied Operating Temperatures (-40°C to +600°C)
  • High Pressure Hydrogenation (Up to 350 psi)
  • Solids Handling (Filtration/Drying/Flaking)


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